Retirement Planning and Ageing

What are the most important psychological aspects of ageing and having a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement?

  1. Good Physical Health
  2. Good Mental Health
  3. Good Emotional Health
  4. Well-developed Purpose for Living
  5. Good Relationships with Partner, Family and Friends
  6. Expression of Spiritual Values
  7. Good Financial Planning and Investment for Retirement and Old Age

Good Physical Health -  involves a commitment to a healthy, nutritious diet and an appropriate calorie intake as well as exercise and/or extensive physical activity on a daily basis.  A very informative website that provides excellent information about health, wellbeing and longevity is

Good Mental Health -  requires keeping the mind active and stimulated; being aware of positive and negative thinking patterns and judgements and consciously letting go of negativity; contributing to your community e.g. volunteering.

Good Emotional Health - involves talking about and/or expressing feelings in meaningful ways; seeking and/or accepting the support and caring of others; fostering at least one emotionally intimate relationship and being available to support others.

Purpose for Living - developing or extending time given to hobbies; finding at least one activity or interest you are passionate about and can devote time to; being creative in some way e.g. writing, painting, ceramics, music.

Good Relationships with Partner, Family and Friends - by learning to deepen and enrich your primary relationship; by spending 'quality time' with other relatives and friends as often as possible; by cultivating new friendships with other retirees; by being a mentor to the young.

Expression of Spiritual Values - by making time each day for your spirituality to flourish. e.g. meditation, walks in the bush, being by the ocean etc.; by accepting our mortality; enhancing awareness and enjoyment of each moment.

Good Financial Planning and Investment for Retirement and Old Age - For most people a sense of financial security is important to their pychological wellbeing as they advance in age. Seeking the help of a licensed financial planner who specialises in retirement funding and investment is invaluable. Working on key issues such as budgeting, investing, managing debt, managing tax, superannuation, protection and social security entitlements can all help to establish financial peace of mind.

Counselling with retirees and the aged often includes a life review including the expression of losses and disappointments. Perceived failures in life and in relationships can also be explored and accepted along with any current feelings of frustration, loneliness or boredom. Because our mental attitude is the single most important factor in healthy psychological ageing, counselling fosters the development or enhancement of a positive attitude to life by exploring and reversing negative thinking patterns and by creating positive action.

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