Counselling and Psychotherapy
for couples and individuals

  • marriage and relationship counselling
  • conflict resolution
  • anxiety and depression
  • anger and stress management
  • self esteem and personal development
  • sexuality and sexual problems
  • childhood trauma and abuse
  • retirement planning
  • ageing and life review
  • boys' and men's wellbeing
  • communication skills

When an unresolved issue keeps coming up we may need some help to understand it and to gain strategies to change what is happening. It is good to talk to someone who is not involved with our life, who listens carefully to what we have to say and who creates a safe and private space for us to express ourselves freely.

  Jonathan Kester has a deep understanding of human behaviour and provides a respectful, caring and sound basis for discussing and clarifying personal and relationship issues.

  Jonathan has been a counsellor for nearly 50 years. His experience as a therapist for people with speech and language disorders has provided a valuable foundation for the work he does in human communication counselling. He has completed three years of Gestalt psychotherapy training which he combines with humanistic psychology. He is also qualified in the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy.

  Jonathan specializes in working with couples as well as with men and women individually for marriage counselling and relationship counselling. He focuses on the underlying and often hidden emotional dynamics that have caused relationship difficulties to arise. He teaches the principles of re-establishing and staying connected in relationships and how to manage conflict in ways that maintain good communication and mutual respect.

  Jonathan also specialises in working with men's issues and with seniors and retirees who wish to clarify unresolved life issues.

  Jonathan was the co-founder of the Men's Health & Wellbeing Association of WA, now known as the Men's Advisory Network.

Jonathan lives in Perth Western Australia. He works in Fremantle as well as from his home office in Mahogany Creek. He also uses Skype and phone links for country and overseas clients. He is married and has one adult son and three adult stepchildren.

Professional Memberships

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
PACFA Clinical Reg. 21147
Licentiate of the College of Speech Therapists (London)

Jonathan has written articles on the following topics:

Staying Connected In Your Relationships
Fighting Fair
Men's Issues
Ageing and Retirement

To contact Jonathan:

Phone: 08 9298 9915
Mobile: 0438 929 899

Fremantle Psychology, Health and Wellbeing
17 South Street
Fremantle WA 6160


145 Brooking Road
Mahogany Creek WA 6072

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